Estradiol beta protein (30-AE30)

High purity Estradiol Beta protein (>99%)

Synonyms 3, 5-Estratriene-3 protein, 17beta-Estradiol protein, Dihydrofolliculin protein, 17beta-diol protein, 5(10)-estratriene protein, 3, 3, 17beta-Dihydroxy-1, 1
Species Human
Protein Type Synthetic
Applications User optimized


Source 17beta-estradiol; 1,3,5 [10]-estratriene-3, 17beta-diol;3,17beta-Dihydroxy-1,3,5[10]-estratriene
Grade & Purity > 98% pure
Form & Buffer Supplied as a lyophilized powder. Reconstitute 50mg/ml in ethanol.

Storage & Safety

Storage Store at 4 deg C.

General Information

Biological Significance The major estrogen secreted by the premenopausal ovary. Estrogens direct the development of the female phenotype in embryogenesis and during puberty by regulating gene transcription and, thus, protein synthesis. It also induces the production of gonadotropins which, in turn, induce ovulation. Exposure to estradiol increases breast cancer incidence and proliferation.

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