Human Leptin ELISA kit (55R-1635)

ELISA kit for the detection of Human Leptin in the research laboratory

Synonyms Human Leptin ELISA kit, Obesity ELISA kit, OB ELISA kit
Applications ELISA
Assay Information Sensitivity: 62.5 pg/ml-4000 pg/ml


ELISA assay using Human Leptin ELISA kit (55R-1635)

Graph showing ELISA absorbance curve (O.D.) of Human Leptin (pg/ml)


Form & Buffer This Kit contains: Lyophilized recombinant human Leptin standard: 10ng/tube

Storage & Safety

Storage Store at 4 deg C for short term storage (4 months) or -20 deg C for long term storage (8 months)

General Information

Biological Significance The recessive obesity mutation, ob, identified in 1950, results in profound obesity and type II diabetes as part of a syndrome that resembles morbid obesity in humans. Freidman?s group at Rockefeller University originally identified the obesity gene that encodes Leptin in 1994. Leptin is a 16 kDa secreted protein produced by the ob gene. Adipose tissue produces Leptin and releases it into the bloodstream. As fat deposits grow, blood Leptin levels tend to increase. It has been suggested that Leptin acts as a lipostat, increasing as fat gets deposited into adipocytes. It is also found that the protein acts as a hormone instructing the brain to stop food consumption and to increase activity. The protein has also been shown to signal and probably control the onset of puberty. In addition, a recent study shows Leptin acts as a potent inhibitor of bone formation through the central nervous system.

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Human Leptin ELISA kit Protocol

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  • <div><font face=Calibri size=2>ELISA assay using Human Leptin ELISA kit (55R-1635)</font></div>     | Graph showing ELISA absorbance curve (O.D.) of Human Leptin (pg/ml)

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