Complement proteins

The Complement system is an enzymatic mechanism in the blood containing nine proteins (termed C1-C9) which are produced in macrophages, liver cells and epithelial cells in the gastrointestinal mucosa. They then circulate in the bloodstream until activated by antibodies which causes a cascade of enzymatic reactions. The results of these reactions are induction of inflammation, recruitment of phagocytes and the formation of a pore in the membrane of the microbial cell.

Fitzgerald Industries offers a huge range of Complement proteins and antigens ideally suited for use in immunological studies, pharmaceutical research and development and diagnostics. We supply Complement proteins for use in ELISA assays, Immunoblotting, Immunohistochemistry, Functional Assays and much more. Our Complement proteins are of the highest quality and purified from Human sources as well as animal complement serums.

Some of our most popular Complement proteins include:

Complement C4a protein

C4a is a member of the anaphylatoxin family of three proteins (C3a, C4a and C5a). This Complement C4a protein was isolated from human plasma and is >95% pure. We also offer Human Complement C4a ELISA kit containing everything you need to perform a Complement C4a ELISA assay.

Complement C3 protein

Complement C3 plays a central role in the immune response. This Complement C3 protein is >99% pure and is an ideal choice for anyone studying the activation of the complement system.

 Complement C1 protein

C1 is the first complement component in the cascade referred to as the classical complement pathway. Complement C1 binds to and is activated by antibodies yielding a protease that initiates the cascade. This Complement C1 protein is isolated from human plasma.

Complement C7 protein

Complement C7 is of interest in immunological research because it is essential for the formation of the membrane attack complex (MAC). This Complement C7 protein is >98% pure from human plasma.

Animal Complements

We also list a large range of animal complement proteins, including Rabbit Complement Serum, Mouse Complement Serum, and Rat Complement Serum.

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